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The HYGAIN® Difference

We at HYGAIN® are devoted to bringing our customers closer to your dream by blending years of experience, innovation, up-to-date research and enthusiasm to bring out and nurture the very best in your horse. As an equine-only feed mill, HYGAIN® is solely devoted to the horse and their particular requirements, resulting in outstanding nutritional solutions that really make a difference to your horse’s health, performance and well-being. You can trust HYGAIN® for its legacy of innovation and setting the highest quality standards in equine nutrition.

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Hygain® nutrition advisors provide complimentary and personalized diet consultations to customers. We want to help our customers’ horses look, feel and perform their best and through understanding each horse’s particular nutritional requirements we can custom tailor the feeding program to meet their exact needs and requirements.

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Research and innovation have helped Hygain® develop a state-of-the-art manufacturing method that maximizes digestibility, nutritional value, feed efficiency, and palatability. Unlike other feeds that are usually steamed, Hygain® uses Micronization, a revolutionary process that uses infrared heat to rupture the endosperm of the grain, which leads to the grain becoming soft and pliable, and then gelatinizes the grains.

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quality standards

We are committed to  using only the finest certified ingredients, applying the strictest quality controls and employing constantly reviewed nutritional research. This approach has resulted in groundbreaking innovations, so as to provide our customers with the highest possible standards in equine nutrition which our customers have come to expect from HYGAIN®. All aspects of our manufacturing processes are quality controlled and fully certified under HACCP and FEEDSAFE quality assurance programs.

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Equine Only

Feed Mill

Hygain® feed is manufactured at an equine-only facility, meaning it is contamination free. Products manufactured where other animal feed is produced can become contaminated by those ingredients, diminishing nutritional content, and in some cases harming equine health.

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HYGAIN® products incorporate the latest in equine nutrition and unique ingredients including Australian Lupins, a highly soluble super fiber that is very low in starch, bio available organic minerals and vitamins, and a live yeast culture for improved fiber, phosphorus and calcium digestibility.