Weighing what you feed is almost just as important as the ingredients in the feed itself. In general, adult horses consume 1.5-2% of their body weight per day in dry matter, such as hay and grain. Measuring your horse’s feed by weight provides them with a consistent, balanced diet and gives you peace of mind. 

A strong, athletic horse starts on the inside. Horses are creatures of habit and keeping a steady routine will help keep them stress-free, avoid bad habits, and prevent digestive upset. Weighing their feed so they receive the same amount every meal can help prevent colic and also provides you with peace of mind knowing they are meeting their specific nutritional requirements. This also ensures they are getting the correct amount of energy they need, which can help prevent weight problems or issues associated with their behavior. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your horse’s dietary needs are fulfilled by weighing your horse’s hay and grain. Weighing feed can also help with a consistent routine if you have multiple people feeding in your barn everyday. 

Having a balanced diet is also key to a happy and healthy horse. If you don’t know how much your horse is eating then you don’t know how much vitamins and minerals they are taking in — vitamin and mineral deficiency or excess can be harmful to their health. Typically, there are recommended feeding instructions on the back of grain bags that tell you how much your horse should be getting fed based on their size and workload. This ration has the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals needed; feeding more or less than what’s recommended will impact the amount of nutrients they’re getting. If you think your horse needs a different amount than what is recommended then talk with your veterinarian and a representative from the grain company about the type and quantity of grain your horse should eat. 

Weighing your horse’s hay and grain is a simple step in giving them the best life possible. It ensures a consistent, balanced diet for your horse and peace of mind for you. Time to head to the feed room and start weighing! 

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