Dear Valued Hygain Customers,

Due to the overwhelming response from our loyal Hygain customers and approaches from interested distributors, we have identified a viable pathway to continue to supply the US market. Effective immediately, Global Equine Nutrition, Inc., led by Hygain’s long-standing USA Director, David Snodgrass, will be the exclusive distributor of the Hygain feed and supplement range in the United States.

David Snodgrass shared, “I have been a long-time manager of the US operations and have been deeply moved by the outpouring of support for Hygain. I want to continue supplying our customers with the products that have transformed their horses’ health and well-being. There really is no replacement for Hygain, and I am committed to supporting our customers and their horses long into the future.”

Kevin Bareira, CEO of Hygain, added, “We are very pleased to have found a viable solution to continue the supply of Hygain products into the US market. Our brand and products have had an enormous impact in the US equine nutrition market over the past six years, as evidenced by the immense support received over the last few weeks. We look forward to working with David and Global Equine Nutrition Inc. to continue providing our customers with the best possible equine nutrition solutions”.

We understand that our announcement to exit the US market in March may have prompted you to explore alternative feed options. While we recognize there are many great options available, our mission remains to empower horse owners to make the best feeding decisions for their horses. Whether you have been feeding Hygain for years or are just considering it for the first time, our customer service team and nutrition advisors are here to provide the support and information you need.

In order to ensure the sustainability of our operations, there will be a price increase effective July 1, 2024, which is a necessary step to ensure that we can continue to offer our high-quality products into the future. Product availability may also vary by location through the transition, and we encourage you to let your retailer know which products you are interested in feeding your horse.

Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

David Snodgrass
CEO, Global Equine Nutrition, Inc.

Kevin Bareira
CEO, Hygain Feeds International, Inc.