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Hygain® Tru Gain® is an extruded fat supplement that provides a slow-release energy source that supports body condition and improved coat quality. Added vitamin E and selenium provide antioxidant support for optimal health. Tru Gain® is ideal for weight gain, sale conditioning, performance horses and young growing horses.

  • Extruded to maximize fat stability and digestibility
  • Hygain® RBO® rice bran oil for shine and omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids
  • Natural vitamin E for antioxidant, circulatory, and cardiovascular functions


DE Kcal/lb










Soybean Meal, Wheat Mill Run, Rice Bran Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Vitamin E, Selenium Yeast.

Nutrition Analysis

Per lb. (As Fed)

Crude Protein (min)10%
Lysine (min)0.50%
Crude Fat (min)20%
Crude Fiber (max)18%
Calcium (min)0.60%
Calcium (max)1%
Phosphorus (min)0.50%
Selenium (min)0.45 ppm
Selenium (max)0.5 ppm
Vitamin E (min)320 IU/lb
Vitamin E (max)350 IU/lb
Feeding Rates

Antioxidant Support
Antioxidant Support
Bioavailable vitamin and mineral antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress
Shine and Strength
Shine and Strength
Added rice bran oil for a shiny coat and manageable energy for performance

What's Inside


Natural Vitamin E

All Hygain® feeds and ration balancers contain a highly stable, biologically active form of natural vitamin E (d-ɑ-tocopherol). Natural vitamin E protects cells from free radical damage while also supporting normal circulatory and neuromuscular functions. The natural form of vitamin E is preferentially absorbed by the body over synthetic sources. With pasture being the most abundant source of vitamin E in the equine diet, a formula with natural vitamin E is essential for horses who are not on full-time pasture.

Rice Bran Oil

Hygain® RBO® Equine Performance Oil is a blend of pure rice bran oil containing essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants formulated for all equines. This unique oil contains natural vitamin E and aids as a carrier for fat-soluble vitamins. Added rice bran oil promotes a shiny coat and increases cool burning energy in the diet without promoting excitability.

Selenium Yeast

Selenium has antioxidant functions as a component of the glutathione peroxidase enzyme complex, which scavenges free radicals to limit oxidative stress in the body. The organic form of selenium, selenium yeast, has greater absorption and retention in the body when compared to inorganic forms. Through preferential uptake in the body, selenium yeast plays a critical role in optimal functioning of the muscular and nervous systems, in addition to its importance in immune system function.



Hygain® Tru Gain can be fed as a supplement in addition to your horse’s premixed feed/grains and forage. This product may be used to decrease the amount of grain in your horse’s diet while still keeping appropriate caloric intake and promoting weight gain.

Hygain® Tru Gain® should be introduced to your horse’s diet gradually. Adjust intake according to pregnancy and lactation status, age, breed, growth rate, body condition, work load, and pasture/hay availability and quality.

  1. Introduce Hygain® Tru Gain to your horse’s diet gradually over a 3-7 day period.
  2. Feed by weight, not by volume.
  3. Feed a minimum of 1% of your horse’s body weight daily as roughage.
  4. Free choice salt should be offered at all times.
  5. Ensure horses have access to clean water.
  6. Do not add additional vitamins or minerals unless directed by a veterinarian or nutritionist.
  7. Contact Hygain® for additional dietary recommendations and nutritional solutions.


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