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Formulated for horses with non-sweating & dry-coat conditions and helps induce thirst

Anhidrosis, or non-sweating, is a condition affecting thousands of horses world-wide. Symptoms are (to varying extents) a combination of a high respiration rate, poor or absent sweating, dull coat, scaly skin & crumbly, brittle hooves.

SWEAT-UP® is a scientifically based formulation of electrolytes, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. The unique formula provides sufficient electrolytes to help induce thirst, and a strong zinc supplement which is immune to absorption interference by calcium and other divalent (2+) metals.

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Sodium, Potassium, Phosphate, Chloride, Magnesium, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Organic Zinc and Iodine.

Nutritional Analysis

NutrientNutritional Analysis per 30g (1.1oz)Nutritional Analysis per LB
Chloride Ions 5.6 g85 g
Sodium Ions3.9 g59.2 g
Phosphate Ions0.5 g7.3 g
Omega 3 Fatty Acids0.25 g3.78 g
Zinc270 mg4,082 mg
Iodine1.9 mg28.6 mg
Selenium0.5 mg7.7 mg
Vitamin D15,251 IU230,584 IU
Feeding Rates


One Level Scoop = 30g 

Dosage: 1 scoop (30 g) morning and night (60 g total per day).

Short-term sufferers should respond in 4-7 days.

Chronic cases may take up to 3 weeks. 

Susceptible horses should remain on SWEAT-UP® while in a hot climate.

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