Smoochies bound to make them lick their lips and perform new tricks!

Fussy eaters, old-timers and sporting athletes from all over the country helped us to refine Smoochies to make your horse’s taste-buds party. The result is a crunchy baked heart-shaped horse treat biscuit, made from the freshest wholesome produce with the full flavor sensation of Fenugreek, ideal as a reward or just simply as a gesture of love.

Sneak a few treats in your pocket for a snack on the road.

  • No added sugar.
  • Packed in resealable bags for freshness.

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DE KJ/kg


Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fibre


Cereals, Vegetable Protein Meal, Legumes, Legume Hull, Sugar Beet Pulp, Rice Bran Oil, Fenugreek, Calcium Carbonate.
No added sugar, GMO or anything artificial.

Nutritional Analysis


NutrientAnalysis per LB
Crude Protein13%
Crude Fat4%
Max Crude Fibre14%
Feeding Guide

Feed Smoochies® horse treats during or after training or just to give you horse some extra love.

Caution: Fenugreek should not be fed to pregnant mares as animal studies have shown that it may cause uterine stimulation.

Highly Palatable
Highly Palatable

Perfect for the fussy eaters.

Safe Starch
Safe Starch
Low starch and sugars ideal for horses prone to metabolic issues

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